Any political power is associated with big money. The one who has power possesses this money and influence in society. No one will ever voluntarily give up political power or money. Obviously, representatives of parliamentary parties (including the party in power) intend to keep their privileges as long as possible, to do everything possible so that their access to the “feeding trough” is never blocked, and they will resort to any methods to achieve their goal .They constantly tell us about the need for savings, about reducing the financing of basic social services (such as healthcare), while constantly increasing their own wages ( since the beginning of 2013, the salaries of the presidential administration and the White House have been equated to the salaries of military personnel – senior officer ranks ), they spend huge funds for the construction of sports facilities in Sochi (the possible costs of organizing the Olympics can be 1.5 trillion rubles – this is 3 times more than allocated for all health care in 2012 do).
According to the Global Wealth Report , the richest 1% of Russians account for 71% of all personal assets in Russia, and according to Geo magazine, Russia is one of the first places in the world in the number of dollar billionaires. Even official statistics are inexorable: about 16 million Russians are officially below the poverty line . There is no such colossal social inequality anywhere else in the world.
The powers that be have long been aware of themselves as a “special” layer of society – with special rights and opportunities. Almost everything and almost always gets away with it – the law in our country punishes only those who do not have the opportunity to pay off it. The interests of business and the state very often intertwine – and by no means in favor of us and not in order to make our life better. They invariably pursue their selfish interest.

Our answer
Perhaps the only thing we can oppose to this injustice is the same unity “from below”. Unity based on solidarity and brotherhood. The unity of all who are deprived of social rights and outraged by the prevailing injustice. And in this unity is our strength.
No improvements happen “on their own.” All the conditional social guarantees that we now have – an eight-hour working day, paid leave, sick leave, pension, etc. – the result of the struggle of the masses of previous generations. The struggle is sometimes radical and even armed, with the participation of revolutionaries and social activists, communists and anarchists of those times. If a person never aspired to freedom and did not fight to improve his own living and working conditions, he probably would not have survived at all, and other, more developed creatures would have occupied a dominant place on our planet.
One of the ways to organize the working class in order to fight for their rights and interests is to create a trade union. It is very important in this matter not to trust your fate to “third parties” and to any political crooks – no one except the workers themselves knows the pressing problems of workers in this industry, does not see and does not face injustice and inequality in the workplace every day and every hour. By acting in an organized manner on the main sectors of the economy (through strikes and direct actions), we can influence the distribution of benefits in our society and prevent anyone from parasitizing on our work. Union “Action”
– This is a professional association of healthcare workers whose goal is the struggle to improve the living and working conditions of medical personnel. The trade union has positive experience in organizing protests at the federal level, it is not isolated from the industry that it protects the interests of – all current members of the union are not deputies and not businessmen. They are the same employees – ambulance doctors, nurses and paramedics. The financial basis of the union is the voluntary donations of its members.
Today the Action union has its primary organizations and individual supporters in many large cities of Russia, and the number of these cities is growing steadily.
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