LinkedIn is the best platform – you simply must have a LinkedIn presence in order to be successful in your job search. Employers and recruiters are virtually guaranteed to look you up on LinkedIn, and what they see there will determine whether they decide to call you for an interview. There are many companies that provide Linkedin cv services.

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Make sure to include the following three essential components so your LinkedIn profile stands over and above your competition:

Who you are. Recruiters don't hire robots. They hire people – real human beings. That's why you are the first point to concentrate on in your profile. Think of it this way: a lot of people can do the job because they have the same skills you do. That renders you and everyone else a commodity. 

When articulating who you are, be authentic: The best LinkedIn profile writing service will find the parts of your story that inspire people to reach out to you. People want to work with someone they feel is genuine, who is aligned with themselves, and capable of delivering impact. 

What you do: Too often, job seekers present merely what the job is – the duties and responsibilities. Instead, present a dynamic combination of what you do and how well you do it. The latter component is important because the best LinkedIn profile writing service is one that highlights your performance in the job, which is, once again, exclusive to you.