A variety of factors can influence whether or not to file a lawsuit based on the fact that your airbag failed to deploy. In normal conditions, would the airbag be deployed in this particular crash?

Before deciding whether or not to pursue a product liability suit in the event of a defective airbag it is recommended to study the circumstances surrounding the incident to be sure that the airbag didn't function correctly. 

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General Motors Recalls Vehicles for Software Related Airbag Defect

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Also, could the airbag deploy prior to the accident? Usually, to determine this an investigator is employed to look into the evidence.

The speed the car was moving at is an important factor to take into consideration. However, if you were involved in an accident that occurred at the rear part of your car then the airbag could not have been activated as it was not designed specifically for such a crash.

You must prove that there was an issue with your airbag which has caused it not to deploy even if you think that it was the cause of the crash you were involved in. It is essential to get an engineer with a background to prove that there is something wrong with the airbag. 

It is costly to employ experts in this area to testify on behalf of you. If you're not seriously injured and not seriously injured, it isn't prudent to spend the amount of money to try and demonstrate that the airbag would have been effective.

As you can see, airbag claims can be expensive and complicated to resolve. It might not be worthwhile to pursue a case that is this type even if you believe there is a solid claim.