Bucket elevators become an essential equipment and come in various designs, depending on the type of product that is being moved. 

When this type of bucket elevator (Also Known as “ ลิฟต์ถัง “ in the Thai Language) is used, the product is placed into a bucket which is raised or lowered either through mechanical or hydraulic means. 

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When the bucket is reached a new level, the action of the belt causes the bucket to tip the contents into other container or storage areas.Products such as ore can be very heavy, so the equipment must be durable.  The elevator can immediately rise or fall from one level to another.

The contents can also be transported horizontally. In this case, the bucket may appear like a scoop to move the product from one part of the facilities to another. 

Moving products in this way can be done by fewer people than traditional methods. Usually equipment is operated by a series of switches that provide power to the appropriate area.

The bucket elevator is produced by a limited number of businesses, the importance of good equipment with a durable part cannot be overestimated. Regular maintenance and inspection are very important for efficient operation. Manufacturing factories for elevator equipment often provide technicians who do maintenance work.