Temperament is defined as a child's natural response to situations and stimuli, their mood, ability to calm down, and level of activity. Many researchers believe that temperament is biological, meaning that the child is constructed and not the result of the environment.

Baby's temperament influences which sleep training method parents can choose to help their baby sleep better. You can watch my story for children's temperament and personality will determine whether the method of learning to sleep without crying will take 1 hour or 3 months, or if they choose the crying method, whether they will cry in 5 minutes or 2 hours.

How does the baby's intensity affect their sleep? If the child is a low-intensity baby, this means it will be easier to keep the baby sleepy but awake from an early age and help them fall asleep on their own.

How does a baby's stamina affect his sleep? If your child is a less stubborn baby, then getting a better night's sleep from them probably won't be difficult. Oftentimes, less stubborn babies and toddlers don't accept answers and don't linger for long when things change. Most parents just have to commit to making changes in order for their baby's sleep to change.

How do babies' vulnerabilities affect their sleep? Your child's vulnerabilities will have the most impact on their sleep when it comes to naps and routines. Even a night light in a sensitive child's room can disturb sleep more than a less sensitive child. 

When performing a bedtime routine, a young child may not be able to follow instructions in several steps and usually benefit from breaking the routine into smaller steps.