Bathroom tile installation is a natural upgrade for any bathroom. Although ceramic tiles are usually left to the pros, a handy person can easily do the tile work. One trap that can get you through, especially with the bathroom tile floor, it can turn your project to disaster.

Never seen cracks in the ceramic tile floor? It is a common sight and usually has the same cause. A common cause is taking a shortcut at the very start of the tiling project. After the bypass project would fail. What shortcut? That is easy. Many people do not take the time to build a solid foundation for floor tiles.

You know that, especially in the bathroom, you often have water damage to the floor. With water damage comes rot and then spongy spaces. Now if you only cover the floor that moves with ceramic tiles, it will look good at first. But that floor still is going to move. You can rather opt for professionals to avoid these pitfalls. You can contact your bathroom tilers in Perth via

However, when moving or ceramic tile joints will crack. There is no other way. Now comes the constant filling cracks, regrouting, caulks. All short-term measures are destined to fail. But is there a way to avoid all this? The best way to ensure a strong foundation for ceramic tiles is to use cement board as a base.

No more concrete and cement board require a fairly sound surface to bind to. But cement board is rigid and is an excellent base for tile adhesives too. The usual product is Hardi-Backer board. It is heavy though so it is not too easy to move around. Then you tighten down with special screws. Working with this material is much like working with sheetrock. It really solves the basic problems when laying tile.