Workplace harassment training is something that is required so the employees would be able to protect themselves in case of any danger.

1. Adopt a formal workplace violence policy and prevention program. You will also need to communicate it to the employees and implement it.

2. Having managers play an important role for the success of the certified anti-harassment online training for state employees. They need to be aware of the warning signs and take the actions needed.

3. You will need to provide enough information that would help the employees, supervisor, and managers in preventing workplace violence training.

4. A safe and a trusting environment need to be created among the employees, workers, and he management.

5. Proper procedures and avenues should be in place for the employees, in case they want to report a threat, violent activity, or any other issue related to safety.


Training the employees is essential as it is not enough just to have a plan. The plan should be communicated to the employees and they should have a say in strategy. Training is the key factor for a safe working environment. If you take a look at how many cases of workplace violence is reported each year, you would realize that proper training should not be ignored at any cost.