The talent management process can be a discipline as large as the human resources function itself in the human resources department or a small series of initiatives aimed at people and organizational departments. 

Depending on their size, different types of organizations have used talent management processes to their advantage. To this end, conduct annual interviews and discuss the strengths and development needs of the employee. 

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The advantages of the talent management process are:

1. The right face for the right job

Correct identification of people's skills and strengths and people's choices is given a strategic agenda. This phenomenon is important for companies because the right person for the right position increases productivity.

2. Retain the best talent

Retaining the best talent for your company is the most important factor in competing with others in the market. To keep their employees long, companies need to reward employees based on individual performance with bonuses and promotions.

3. Better solutions for professional development

When a company understands its high potential, it is much easier for it to invest in its professional development. The talent management process makes it easier for organizations to make decisions, training, education, development, etc. And help companies where to invest.