CPR training is useful in situations such as cardiac arrest, drowning and drug overdose. CPR training in Kent is required for all employees in medical offices, government agencies, corporate and private companies, as well as babysitters and caregivers of the elderly. 

CPR Training can be obtained at local hospitals and online in the official website of CPR training in Kent. You can also look for the best CPR training in Kent via dandksolutions.co.uk/training/first-aid-training-courses-kent/cpr-training-kent/.

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The internet is convenient for busy people. The classes are mandatory and the written exam is required afterward. There are several types of CPR training available: Adult CPR Training, Infant CPR Training, AED Training; First Aid Training.

First, dial 911 if the victim is not responding or is breathing irregularly. Then return to the victim to perform CPR. It is best to give CPR for at least 2 minutes if the victim is a child. 

To begin chest compressions, the administrator should push down hard, fast, at least 100/minute for 2 inches towards the center of your chest. This should be repeated 30 times. 

After titling the victim’s head backward, lifting his neck and pinching his nose, blow into his mouth for approximately 1 second. You should continue this until your chest rises. When performing the titling on an infant, it is important that the head not be extended too far back. You can even search online for more information about CPR training in Kent.