The VIP aviation service is the choice of super-rich people who want to experience the world's finest and most luxurious things. They also need extra privileges that a commercial flight cannot provide. 

These are the benefits of VIP aviation services, which attract the elite class.

Enjoy the best when you travel

VIP aviation services at Istanbul Airport IST offer private charters and private jets to corporations and companies requiring high confidentiality levels. These private air travels are designed to pamper the clients. 

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The guests enjoy the finest food, as well as ample legroom and comfortable seats. This is something that you will never find on a commercial flight.

For your convenience

You will experience unparalleled luxury and comfort when you travel in a private jet or charter. It is a hassle to check in hours before you travel by air. You also lose a lot of time waiting for your bag and baggage.

Private charters are different because the flight waits for you, and not the other direction. Your entire trip is customized to your specific needs.

Time saved

The normal commercial airline can fly to many international airports. Private jets and charters can land at your destination. You decide the time and place of departure for your flight.

This is possible because they can land at many different airports around the world. This allows you to land closer to your destination, which is a huge time saver, especially for business travelers.

Productivity increases

Private charters are available for you. Businessmen will not lose the opportunity to spend their time productively, which is a great benefit. A VIP charter allows you to talk about highly confidential business issues in privacy, unlike a commercial flight.