Brisbane outplacement

There are times where employees leave their job intentionally, get fired or is laid-off for many reasons. The main concern rises whether the employee is entitled to receive any benefits. They are worried about whether their insurance will continue or if there is any guarantee for severance. However, at the end of the day, employees are bound to receive some benefits even after termination.

  1. On Quitting It is important to serve a notice period of 2 weeks if the employee has decided to quit their job. But there are times when the employee doesnt want to serve the notice period. But the employee needs to be respectful in order to receive unemployment insurance even if they have decided to leave their job.
  2. On Fired It can be stressful in case an employee gets fired. An employee can get fired due to personality conflicts or any personal reason. However, in the majority of jurisdictions, employees even after being fired are bound to receive unemployment compensation provided there is no bad act such as not breaking any rules, acting inappropriately, violence, and more.
  3. On Being Laid-Off Losing your job in terms of lay-off can be absolutely devastating. This incident usually happens when a company is struggling to survive in the market. During such an incident, the employee can speak to the senior about whether they are eligible for any benefits. Companies usually offer a few benefits during such an occasion however, there are few circumstances the company can consider before offering any benefits.

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