According to market research, the effect of advertisements in elevators for seven days, which is a minimum of 14 views for one tenant of a house, is sufficient to consciously remember advertising information, while eliminating the possibility of forming a negative association, an image of “annoyance or worthlessness” with the company or advertiser’s product.

We believe that the best way to convey the ideas of social justice is difficult to find. Therefore, we decided to use the advertising space that was kindly “provided” to us in order to promote somewhat non-standard content. A large number of people see the booth in the elevator, and they most often see it right in front of the road to their “favorite” job, so placing something new on the booth seems like a great idea, able to cheer up tired, not yet awakened people.

And here is a poster layout attached – “Do with us, do as we do, do better than us!”