Modern medicine offers very few treatments. Most modern medicine only tries to treat the symptoms of health anxiety, not the cause of the problem. Many medicines are used simply to keep a person comfortable until the immune system can fight off an infection or disease, or until the body recovers.

However, in many cases, the use of drugs to direct or control a healthy diet often creates new health challenges or side effects that did not exist before a treatment regimen was started. However, this does not mean that modern science has not made legitimate progress in the treatment of health-related nutritional supplements. For health remedy services, you may visit

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Most of the so-called "natural remedies" are not cures at all, but are alternative (non-drug) but effective ways to treat known health problems. Nevertheless, the same "cure" indicators should be used when we want to talk about the success of natural remedies versus the use of drug therapy.

Natural health approaches usually try to fight infection or disease by eliminating the cause of the disease or infection, using natural "anti substances" or natural substances that boost the immune system.

This approach to health generally does not disrupt the body's function in fighting disease, as is the case with many modern medicines, although the recovery process can generally take longer.

Of course, this does not mean that, unlike traditional medicine, natural remedies are not effective alternatives for treating many health problems, as is currently known about the biological effects of many plants and fruit extracts on strengthening the human immune response.