Some of the potential benefits of the Six Sigma process are overall reduction in business costs, overall quality improvement of products or services and even acquisition of more customers for your company. Some people mistakenly believe that the methodology is aimed solely at manufacturing companies. You can also look for the six sigma tools free from online sources.

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It is not necessary to hire an expert to provide guidance or implement the necessary tools. Consider enrolling one or more of your employees in Six Sigma Training. There are many different levels of certification including Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt. In order to have the full in-depth knowledge about how to implement this methodology, an employee should go through a Black Belt certification program.

Such a program may prove to be costly; however, if the person finishes the certification program successfully, he or she can train other employees on the core concepts of this very methodology. It is not necessary to conduct an onsite training to certify a group of employees as Black Belts.

This type of training can be very expensive and not cost effective. It may prove to be easier and more cost-effective to send one employee for Master Black Belt Training, who could then report back and train the others in the theories of Six Sigma.

In short, immaterial of the size of the company, using appropriate Six Sigma Tools such as business process mapping on specific processes can give many benefits. It is possible for the company to experience lower operational costs, better quality services or products and an increase in the number of sales. The nature of the company's business does not matter for Six Sigma to be successful.