Nebosh stands for "National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety", and was established in 1979. Many companies around the globe use NEBOSH services to help employees and potential employees meet all legal requirements regarding safety and health, and manage environmental risks.

Nebosh training programs allow individuals to obtain the qualifications they need to be able work in a variety of industries that concern safety and health. Graduates will receive a diploma or certification after they have successfully completed Nebosh training. This training is taken by thousands of people every year to stay abreast of the safety and health issues in their industry.

 These include supervisors, managers, as well as people who are starting or looking to join a company in health and safety. Many companies won't provide employment for those who have not completed this training.

There are many ways to study for a Nebosh qualification. You can take them online or at your home via distance learning. There are also evening and day courses that you can complete over a specified time period at specific colleges. You can also find modular courses that are similar to book work and where you receive the information electronically.

Over 400 Nebosh training course providers are available in the United Kingdom, and around the globe. They are ready and waiting to receive certifications. Due to the high demand for the courses, these centers are always busy.