If you live in an area with regular winter weather, be it cold, snow, ice, sleet or freezing rain, certain precautions must be taken before winter arrives. While this may seem obvious, preparing your car for winter can easily be overlooked during the busy months of fall and early winter. 

However, driving safely in winter should be a priority. Winter readiness doesn't cost you much time or money and can potentially save you more on repairs or even your life. Winter tires are the most important part of preparing for winter.  You can buy https://www.hotheadheater.com/ so that your car engine remains warm and never get jammed due to winter.

All-season tires are not actually all-season, tire hardness and tread force are simply not suitable for sub-zero temperatures or slippery road conditions. Winter tires are made of softer rubber, which maintains traction in cold weather, and a specially designed tread pattern to guide snow and hail off the road surface. No investment protects you from digging over winter tires.

The windshield washer must also be drained and replaced with winter liquid. Summer windshield washer freezes on the windshield in cold conditions and leaves a bathroom door-like effect – letting in light but you can't see anything. Many people also like to use thinner engine oil for lower temperatures.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to change the oil in early winter. By changing the thermostat under the hood, your car can operate at a more efficient temperature in winter and allow warm air in the car.