Why have fixed bikes become so popular? This is a question that has come to my mind recently as more and more friends of mine have joined this ever-growing passion. At first, I couldn't see the appeal, with no gears and no brakes except to prevent the pedals from turning frequently, they looked like bikes of a bygone era and to some extent, they were one of the first single-speed bikes some were made up.

Also coming from a mountainous area they had no brakes or gears making them look even more absurd, an accident waiting to happen, but since moving to Manchester (which is very flat) I now Appeal is visible. If you’re looking for single-speed bicycles then browse to online sources. 

Initially, I just borrowed my friend's bike and found there that the lightweight style made it incredibly fun. Avoiding traffic during rush hour became a new sport and a challenge that made the journey not only dangerous but worth it.

 I couldn't wait every day to get out there and ride, it made riding fun again, although it's just considered a fashion, I guess there's more to it if you fancy The colors and look at the pendant on the handlebar and any other accessories that can be attached to these bikes are really a good means of transportation and I highly recommend anyone to give it a try.

 When I finally tried to find a fixie for sale, I found a wide range of really expensive multicolored cases to cheap second-hand converted road bikes and didn't know where to start. But I found out that that was half the fun of these bikes, they could come in so many different forms and the reason why they are so fashionable is that they are easy to customize because unlike mountain bikes there is nothing to do with them. Where all the brake cables and gear tools get in the way, when it comes to fixies none of them are.

So this is the story of why I fell in love with fixie bikes from being a complete newbie and thinking it was just another fad for someone who can't get enough of them now and when I'm already on sale. For a fixie watched so can't help looking twice already own too many.