In today's recovering economic environment, many college or university students tend to think about which business career to invest in, and many of those same students attend online business schools to gain the skills they need to progress towards those careers in order to qualify. Student demographics have changed dramatically over the years. 

With the advent of business schools on the internet, students who previously struggled to earn a degree due to work and family commitments can now easily find their way to a business degree. Here are three favourite jobs that are showing tremendous growth in today's market. You can get a Master of Technology Management and Technology Management at UCSB.


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Accountants are essential in almost every business, from the simple to the large, and from the for-profit to the nonprofit. They are the registrar of taxes, income, expenses, and everything in between. Most accountants work for large accounting firms; some have their own personal bookkeeping business and many others work in complex fields such as forensic bookkeeping. 

Financial analysts are well-rounded professionals who can advise clients on almost any monetary issue such as taxes, budgeting and investing for individuals and small businesses of all types. Consultants often work for large companies, but some prefer to practice on their own. 

Sales manager, the person responsible for leading an effective sales team and promoting the sale of a product or service. This can be a formidable and demanding task as job security depends on the end result, achieving certain quotas and having a diplomatic lead.