With HROnboard you can send personalized offer letters and welcome packages, which can contain personalized welcome letters, videos, and personalized marketing materials. If you are thinking to make your companies hiring process paperless, then you can look for electronic onboarding at https://www.ova.work/.

During the HR process, administrators can monitor the condition of personnel on board and respectfully remind them to request the return of forms and documents. This ensures that new employees feel welcome, valued, groomed, and get a great first impression of their new company. 

Likewise, internal staff is well-organized and ready for new hires to ensure that they are effectively equipped with things like telephones, computers, and devices in place before the employee arrives. 

STP – automates all form and document processing from invoicing to inception. Building "personal" relationships are about building trust. Using a smart system that remembers who did what and when helped the relationship – nothing is needed.

Automating the containment process also creates the impression that you are a forward-looking and environmentally friendly company by reducing paper usage and streamlining the containment process by eliminating data entry. 

Automation, in our eyes, is a tool that can enhance a personalized approach to employees. The HROnboard system helps automate many administrative tasks associated with uploading new employees but can enhance a custom approach to uploading new employees.