It is not easy to adjust the interview status yourself. It's useful to have an objective outsider who will refocus you, remind you of your true choices, and help you approach the interview with a more positive self-image. The following happened in the pre-interview coaching.

This will determine the root cause of the problem you are experiencing and help you turn it into something more positive. You will find out your motivation for going to work. You can also explore more about interview coaching services via

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Coaching helps you "sell" by explaining your skills and why you want the job. This will cover any challenging questions you may have asked during the previous day and help you ask appropriate questions about the company and the publications.

Often times, nervous candidates forget the reason is that the more you learn, the more employers will find out about you! Now is the time to ask the interviewer questions that will tell you whether the job is achieving your overall goals or not.

The advantage of pre-interview training is that you will be much more positive about the interview situation and you will approach it with more confidence and less courage. 

You will present yourself in the best possible way and will actually have a competitive advantage because you have prepared yourself much more thoroughly than any other candidate might have.