It is difficult to work at heights. This work requires safety training. A person who is able to work at heights will be more successful. Construction sites are a place where many fatalities and serious incidents occur. It is also the most dangerous area for accidents. There is no room for fear if you are involved with construction. 

It is important to know the safety rules and how they are implemented. Many companies offer height safety training. There are two types of height training that can be used to properly work on construction sites: primary and secondary. Primary training is the most important step. If you want to join working at heights course visit

Primary Training is required for all workers and employees who work on construction sites or at heights. This is a classroom program that teaches safety at work and gives practical tips. It also includes training in regulatory standards. 

The course teaches you how to work at heights and how to use all safety equipment, including ladders, guardrails, roof anchor system (full body harness), lanyard, fall restricting systems, connector, elevating platform, rope grab, elevators, and fall arrest equipment. 

This course will give you a detailed description of this equipment. The most important example is ladder safety training. This equipment is taught in a safe and proper way. If you don't use a ladder with the proper methods, it can be dangerous. 

Fall at heights causes approximately 1000 deaths and 150, 000 injuries each year. Construction sites are the most dangerous. Every year, thousands of lives could be saved by proper training in security and safety. To inform, remind and warn workers and employees about the dangers and hazards of heights, a height safety course is essential.