We all know that installing new windows and doors is the best way to save energy and money. There are many brands, companies, and different kinds of windows on the market.

So how do you know what to choose for your home? Here are the first three reasons that make sense to choose Andersen replacement windows and doors.

The first reason for choosing Anderson is that all products have a solid wood construction. Your wooden interior is characterized by superior craftsmanship and style with no visible edging. You can hire experts for andersen windows installation to get the perfect finishing.

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Natural wood provides structural stability and is one of the most effective insulators available. For added reliability, Andersen replacement windows use wood preservative and can be stained or painted to enhance any room in your home.

The second reason for choosing Anderson is that all products are energy efficient. Andersen is proud to be a Star Energy Partner, offering energy-efficient replacement windows and doors that save heating and cooling costs and create a comfortable home year-round.

Andersen homes with replacement windows and doors can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs especially in parts of the country with very hot and/or cold seasons.

The third reason for choosing Anderson as a replacement window is because of the warranty. Andersen replacement windows and doors are subject to an exclusive owner-to-owner warranty.

Most other window warranties end with the sale of the home, but Anderson's protection – 20 years for glass, 10 years for non-glazed components – is completely transferable from one owner to the next.

And because it's disproportionate, year after year, owner after owner, the coverage has all the advantages so you can get real value if you decide to sell your home. Additionally, Anderson has one of the largest service networks in the industry.