Some parents debate whether they should send their child to a private high school instead of a public high school. While each type of school has its advantages and disadvantages, here is a list of some of the advantages of private schools:

Facilities and Resources- Private high schools in Cairns usually have modern libraries and computer laboratories. Since private schools usually have more resources to use as they please, libraries are usually a priority.

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College Prep:- Private high schools look great on college transcripts and resumes. And that doesn't include the relationships some private institutions have with some universities.

Low Number of Classes:- Overcrowding in public schools is a well-known problem. However, when you go alone, class sizes are often much smaller, with fewer than 20 children per teacher in the class. This creates a more personalized learning environment where children can ask more questions and receive more personalized answers and guidance.

Access to art:- If your child attends a public school, they will likely have little or no knowledge of art. The reason? To prepare children for the rigorous exams that help determine how much money they earn from the state, more and more public institutions are cutting back on arts education. Because it is privately funded, independent institutions can create their own curriculum. As a result, almost all of them provide opportunities for students to discover their talents on stage or in the studio.

Remember to take everything into account when considering where to send your child to school. The things mentioned in this list are good points to start with.