The main focus of real estate agent is selling. Therefore it is important to find real estate agents that will focus full time on your real estate needs. There is fiduciary responsibility to the seller in an example of agents for sellers, and buyer agents for buyers to get the best deal for them.

You have the right to ask real estate agents in Moronga Basinif they are part-time or full time. If a agent says they can work part time and meet your needs for your real estate transactions, chances are they work to make money; They will not have time to be fully loyal to you, when they work in another job.

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If the real estate agent works part time, it is likely to have other jobs and do not have time to focus on quality, instead they try to get as much as possible in as little time as possible.

Selling your home, you need someone who is going to be advertising and working to sale your home on a full time basis. The less time the agent is spent to sell your house, the longer on the market and you lose money.

Part time real estate agents may not take the time to have additional training, and certification to improve the quality of service you will receive. We recommend that you ask what the real estate agent has.