After a new wash, keeping your car shiny is a top priority. You can decide whether you want to polish or weld your car – or maybe both.

Some may not be sure which method is better for their car needs. Here is a guide to car polishing that will show you its benefits. You can also look for the top car polishing service via

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Car paint is a product that helps remove surface scratches, oxidation, swirls, dirt, and other minor imperfections. Polishes should be used before waxing as they will help restore car paint that has lost its luster due to oxidation. Auto paint does this by removing a very fine layer of paint so that the appearance of streaks is minimized when they stick to the paint.

Car paints differ in the degree of abrasion. Non-abrasive paints do not contain chemicals that remove paint, so they can be used safely by craftspeople and professionals alike. Make sure to apply it carefully and in a circular pattern.

Sanding varnish, on the other hand, contains ingredients that physically remove paint. So be sure to know what you're doing and if you decide to continue down this path, follow the directions carefully.

The paint effect lasts longer than wax and can keep your car shining for up to a year. You can find our car paints in both heavy cream and liquid form, depending on your preferences.