Healthy eyes are essential at any age, but they're particularly crucial for young children. Problems with vision can impact the performance of the confidence of a child as well as be a sign of serious health issues. 

Fortunately, the majority of vision issues are detected and treated at the beginning of the first few days of existence. Some vision issues could not be evident until later. That's why eye exams are suggested for children in preschool.

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Children need to be tested for their vision at regular appointments with their pediatric doctor and every child should be screened for vision at the age of 5. The doctor will more likely conduct a test referred to as a "fixation test. 

Every eye will be covered, then exposed at the same time while the doctor is holding an object or image before the patient. The doctor observes the way each eye is holding its focus on the subject and decides whether one eye is stronger than the other, or whether they both see the same.

Parents can help prepare their children for an appointment with the eye doctor by talking about the importance of eyes and looking up images of eyes and playing games. It is helpful to introduce the concept of eye drops to your child, and then practice placing drops in their eyes. 

A lot of pediatric ophthalmologists invite patients to tour their office prior to making an official appointment.

If there is an ancestor with a history of vision problems, or if a child is showing signs of amblyopia or strabismus or ptosis, Ophthalmologist should be sought out as soon as possible.