If you are planning a vacation to Anna Maria Island, consider these tips to make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible:

1. Fly Into Sarasota: 

Most AMI vacationers flying into Florida choose to come into the Tampa Bay Airport (TPA) and drive a little more than an hour to reach the island. However if you are flying to the island, look at the possibility of landing at the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport (SRQ). If you are looking for best stay in Anna Maria Island then you can visit https://www.silverresorts.com/.

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The drive to the island from SRQ only takes 15 minutes. On your way home, you'll find SRQ incredibly quick and easy to get into and it has very short lines (if any) for security screening.

2. Buy Groceries Before Check-In: 

If you find there is heavy traffic as you come onto Anna Maria Island, you can save yourself a major headache by getting any necessary groceries before you check into your hotel. The island is usually very easy to navigate with traffic moving steadily.

However at certain times (such as mid-day check in), traffic can get stalled. Publix Grocery Store is one of the first businesses you're likely to see on the island, it is located just over the Anna Maria Island Bridge on US HWY 64. Just stop in to grab your groceries when you first get on the island and you could be saving yourself half an hour of traffic later.

3. Download the Stay Anna Maria Island App: 

It's impossible to predict what will come up while you're on the island. But you can be prepared for just about anything if you download the StayAMI app (Android users) on your smart phone, or bookmark the StayAMI.mobi mobile website. It has emergency information, as well as info on restaurants, beaches, shops, accommodations and lots more.