Bed bugs are making a comeback and pest control industry is looking for new technology to combat increasingly pesticide-resistant insects.

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood. They easily spread and are difficult to detect. Because of their size, bed bugs can hide in small cracks and holes.

They are most often found in mattresses, furniture, box springs, baseboards, carpet, wood floors, behind wallpaper, and electrical outlets near the bed.

Perhaps the most popular weapon in fighting a bed bug is a dog. You can now hire bed bug detection K9 to detect bed bugs in your home.

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Dogs have been trained to sniff out weapons, missing people, arson, termites, drugs, and cancer, are now they are being trained to detect bed bugs and their eggs, helping exterminators to target treatment area.

A trained dog can completely investigate a room and can find bed bug infestations in 2-3 minutes, less time taken than a human technician who relies on visual clues that could require a thorough examination of the house.

Normally, dogs can identify infestations in a three-foot radius, but they may not go further. For example, dogs can show that bed bugs are under the furniture but cannot indicate that the bugs are hiding in furniture joints or cracks of the floor.

Dogs are trained to alert their handlers about the presence of bed bugs by hitting the legs or barking. Small dogs are preferred more because of their ability to adjust in tight spaces.