Most pedestrians and drivers have encountered various types of speed bumps. Each of them has its own purpose. Some are used to control traffic and manage parking lot space. Street speed bumps are known to be the best for traffic calming. 

These are designed to make drivers slow down their vehicles significantly to pass the bump safely. Street bumps are placed across the entire roadway leaving a little space for drainage. They are around 3 to 4  inches in height. You can get traffic calming road markings including flush curb bump via

Traffic Speed Control Systems: Bumps, Humps, Tables and Strips ...

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The depth is less than one foot and it is a reminder for drivers to watch their speed. It is impossible for a driver to cross the bump at fast speed. It can damage their vehicle and can cause accidents.

The Commercial speed bumps that are made in parking lots tend to be larger as compared to street bumps. They are made up of high impact materials like asphalt and concrete.

They have stripes on it. Sometimes the entire surface is painted and embedded in reflective tape. It is advisable to use highly visible paint colors like yellow, black, and orange for the bumps.

In residential areas, bumps are typically small in size and are made up from lower impact materials. They use recycled plastic or rubber to make the bumps in residential areas.