This guide was written for people who require video security, but can't have the money to pay for expensive installation or if a CCTV installer isn't accessible in your area The latter is more prevalent than you imagine. We'll cover the most popular security equipment models, since it's almost impossible to cover the vast array of various security cameras and video processing equipment that is available in the market.If you want to install cctv camera visit

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I presume that anyone contemplating DIY CCTV installation is familiar with the basics of wiring methods and techniques. I am not in any way responsible for the damage caused to the equipment caused by improper handling or misuse. Be aware that during the installation ensure safety. Being at heights or working with tools could be hazardous. Make sure you follow the safety procedures. Let's get right into it right now.

  • Planning: The initial step of every camera installation is to determine camera and monitoring equipment location. When planning locations for cameras, make sure you consider lighting conditions. 

  • Wiring: The longest demanding and crucial part of the installation of any camera is wiring. Be sure to plan your installation to limit the length of cables and to ensure high audio and video quality. 

  • Camera Mounting: The majority of cameras include brackets and mounting screws attached, just attach the bracket with utmost care and remember that sometimes, other brackets other than those supplied with the cameras may be required.

Conclusion: Congratulations! You've just completed your most likely first installation of a CCTV system. Check out our store for more details about surveillance cameras and DVR recorders, as well as tools and other accessories.