Hair is a statement of style, confirmation of beauty, and expression of self-esteem. This is a reflection of someone who glorifies one's eyes. Its main task is to preserve the natural beauty of the Almighty.

A little mistake can make you regret it for life. To maintain this elegance for a long time, you must be careful when choosing hair care products.

The main thing is to know what type of hair you have. Based on the quality, you can choose the product that is most suitable for your hair type. To get good quality hair care products you can visit

Various criteria can be considered when analyzing your hair type and choosing the product that is right for you.

Determine hair density – To understand the density of the stand in front of the mirror. Separate your hair in two. Concentrate on the root strands that cover your scalp. Based on the visible area of the skin, the density can be classified as follows:

Very compressed – If there are no visible parts around the partition, it means that the density is very thick.

Medium compressed – If part of the scalp area is visible, your density is moderate.

Low density – When most of the scalp is clearly visible, you have a thin density. Sometimes the density of hair changes.