Good grades and competitive test scores may not be enough to take admission to the most selective colleges anymore.  

To impress admissions counselors who are spending all day reviewing the transcripts of the world's smartest and most active high school students, applicants who want to stand out from the crowd will need to demonstrate experience, leadership, and service related to their academic interests. You can also hire college admission counselor via

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As college enrollment lists fill up with more and more students, admissions counselors are being forced in many cases to consider applications beyond the standard and predictable metrics like GPA, SAT, and ACT.  

While some students may have a knack for memorizing facts or crafting a strong expository essay, this doesn't necessarily demonstrate the level of a student's motivation and commitment to their field. 

Tests and grades also suggest an abstract understanding of the subject. The best way students can stay competitive for admissions, scholarships, and merit-based financial aid is to get some real-world involvement with the subject or major they intend to pursue. 

Spending time working or volunteering shows ambition and passion and it even means the student will be ready to deal with more complicated and subtle issues that pop up in their academic studies.