Many people suffer from the common phobia of visiting the dentist. Accordingly, negligence in taking care of teeth leads to numerous diseases. These diseases are often of a very serious nature. The process of sedation dentistry helps to address these problems by lowering the patient's apprehensions.

Treatments of very serious proportions and which might have generally taken many sessions are completed in a couple of sessions. Almost all dentists are offering sedation dentistry nowadays but the level of experience varies from dentist to dentist.

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When it comes to pediatric dentistry, there are nuances that can be addressed, particularly in child tooth decay treatment options and how to treat cavities in baby teeth.

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The meaning of the word 'sedation' as defined in the Oxford dictionary is to administer someone with a drug to make him or her drowsy or asleep. It affects the central nervous system of the human body and produces an overall calm and relaxing effect.

The various types of sedative drugs are tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants. These can be administered in a variety of ways. In the past, IV sedation was used to sedate dental patients. Now with the growth in technology, oral and inhale sedation are also available.

These methods are very popular with the patients as compared to IV sedation. Sedation dentistry has given an option to many people who were scared of suffering pain during the treatment.

When the sedation is administered, a person doesn't sleep off, he merely feels sleepy. Therefore, sedation dentistry should be termed sleep dentistry.