A disc jockey is a person who presents, mixes, and connects recorded music to a radio audience or live audience.

DJ person uses various tricks and techniques to entertain the audience including prompt, slide, audio mixing, phase shifting, cut, scratching, crossfading, effects editing, rhythm juggling, rhythm matching, sampling, and sequencing, and many more. You can hire the best DJ in Melbourne via https://www.jlpe.com.au/melbourne-wedding-dj-mc for wedding or other parties.

DJs can be classified on a variety of factors, including the type of music played, driving equipment, technology, audience, event, and environment. There are four different types of DJs:

  • Mobile DJ:

Mobile DJs typically play from a large collection of pre-recorded music for a specific audience at local parties, banquets, weddings, dances, religious ceremonies, or other private events.

  • Hip Hop DJ:

Hip-hop DJs make music using a DJ mixer and turntables. They usually select and play music to help presenters put on events or performances.

  • DJ Club:

A club disc jockey is a person who plays music in bars, clubs, nightclubs, raves, and discos. The programming techniques and styles used by club DJs are very different from those used by mobile DJs.

They usually focus more on mixing rhythms, combining bits, and controlling crowd energy levels.

  • Radio DJ:

Radio DJ selects and plays music broadcasts on the radio. They play music for radio listeners, not for live audiences. Radio DJs enjoy more freedom in choosing songs from playlists. They often talk to listeners, resolve their questions, and accept song requests from them. They also prepare interactive programs and interview celebrities.