Nowadays you can explore the range of fair trade, eco-friendly and handmade socks to keep your toes cozy! Brands have everything from hand-knitted socks from a fair trade cooperative to eco-friendly socks made from organic cotton and sustainably-sourced bamboo. You can buy sustainable socks through

For every pair of feet, there are a couple of fair trade socks. The range of organic cotton and bamboo mix socks includes everything from plain black to vibrantly colorful socks, and they even have many quirky patterns to add a bit of character to your outfit! Choose from polka dot, stripes, and floral, plus many more designs. They also have women’s and men’s sock gift sets – which are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Despite of looking smart, you'll be delighted to know that bamboo socks have great benefits, too. Thanks to the incredibly soft and absorbent bamboo fiber, your feet will stay dry regardless of what the weather throws at you!

Bamboo socks also have excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects which makes them actually more comfortable to wear. So go on, provide your feet a hug in socks produced from sustainable bamboo. They deserve it!

Or for something even more special to discover the gorgeous handmade socks. Traditionally hand-knitted with passion by artisans in developing nations, are delivering a fair price for their products, no two pairs are the same. Good pair of socks is a fabulous pleasure for you, or an amazing ethical gift for a loved one.