The fire protection systems are designed to provide protection for buildings or machines or other transport services. In addition to providing protection and assisting in the study of the causes of fire as well as researching its causes and associated emergency situations. 

This also includes research and development, as well as the production and deployment of fire suppression systems for fire suppression. In discussing the issue of the protection of fires, it's essential to keep in mind that security and safety for fire protection system and development of fire are in the hands of property owners whether that be his residence or a business. 

fire protection system

Construction of the building must be completed in compliance with the building codes and it is the duty of building inspectors to test whether the building is in compliance i.e. whether the building conforms to construction codes or not. 

After the construction is completed the maintenance of the property has to be completed in accordance with the current fire codes as enforced by fire prevention officials from the local fire department. 

If the structure is a factory it is more stringent precautions are required. If the building is an aircraft or ship the operator and the owner are the sole responsible parties for its maintenance, security, and safety.

The effectiveness system for protecting against fire rests on the planning of the system, its timely execution, and proper education and experience to prevent catastrophic disasters.