Tracking and impact of environmental management greenhouse play a significant part in the creation of greenhouse and direction. The greenhouse climate controller manager is used to measure a variety of parameters like humidity, temperature, and lighting and display it on PC systems.

The output of this detector is amplified and sent to ADC. The microcontroller monitors those parameters also preserves certain predefined amounts using the relay port. Proper environmental conditions are essential for optimum plant growth, enhance crop yields and efficient utilization of water and other sources.

Automating the information acquisition procedure for these soil requirements and various weather parameters that govern plant expansion enables information to be accumulated at high frequency with fewer work requirements.

Existing systems utilize PC or even SMS systems to maintain the consumer always informed of the requirements within the greenhouse. This produces the proposed system to become an affordable, mobile and a low maintenance alternative for greenhouse programs, particularly in rural areas.

For smaller farmers throughout the purpose of this project is to look for a simple, easy to install, circuit foundation microcontroller track and document the values of humidity, temperature, soil moisture and mild into the natural surroundings. They are continuously altered and controlled so as to maximize them to attain plant growth and optimum yield.