If you're ready to buy your own home but worried that your personal statement can make it difficult to get a traditional loan or consistent, you probably want to look into non-conforming loans.  You can take the help of specialist home loan lenders for Specialised Mortgage Solutions & Compare Home Loans & Mortgage.

Nonconforming mortgage loans are specially designed for the specific circumstances of the individual buyer. For these loans, mortgage companies will look at many things, including the credit history of the borrower, the level of income, employment history and overall financial solvency.

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You usually have to go through a very detailed process before being given any kind of interest or approval rate. There are some people and some situations may require non-conforming loans.

Self-employed workers will need some form of improper loan called a loan "flexible" or holistic. The name refers to the fact that there are few documents used to approve the loan. In general, you will need a document signed by an accountant or banker certifying your finances.

A person with a fixed income or a person who has changed several jobs over recent years may need to look nonconforming mortgages. Most traditional lenders or comply only approve those who worked in the same field or the same company for several years.

If you have gaps in employment, as long as you can show that you have had a constant but a variable income, you may be approved for non-conforming loans.