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Is Honey Allowed in a Diabetic Diet?

With proper control, many people with diabetes and prediabetes can still enjoy natural honey safely. Before incorporating honey into your meal plan, find out how much sugary liquid you can consume each day. 

Every diabetic is different and needs to learn how their body reacts to different foods that contain carbohydrates. Remember that the total amount of starch or carbohydrates in a food is the main consideration, not the amount of sugar. 

Palm Beach creamed honey is a high-carb food, just like rice and potatoes, so keep in mind that 1 tablespoon of honey contains about 17 grams of carbohydrates and if you count your total daily carbohydrate intake, diabetics can cope with sweeteners or other carbohydrates. 

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But have you ever been told that clinical studies have shown that raw honey is a healthier choice for a diabetic diet than table sugar and other sweeteners like splenda, saccharin, aspartame? Honey requires lower insulin levels than normal white sugar and doesn't raise blood sugar levels as quickly as table sugar, meaning it has a lower glycemic index than sugar. 

Although honey contains a large amount of sugar, most of it consists of two separate simple sugar units – glucose and fructose, which are absorbed by the body at different rates. In fact, dr. Ron Fesenden in his book The Honey Revolution states that "the more intolerable the glucose, the lower the blood sugar response after consuming honey compared to the higher the blood sugar response after consuming sucrose or glucose".

Top Health Benefits of CBD Honey

An all-natural sweetener dating back more than hundreds of years however, there are many health benefits of CBD honey that are still not widely known today.

Honey history

Records cannot definitively indicate how long honey has been around. Some believe that honey dates back more than 20 million years, but fossils of honey bees are reason to believe that the date could span more than 150 million years.

The cave paintings in Spain suggest that beekeeping started approximately around 7000 BC. C. and Egyptian records of 2400 a. C. provides evidence of their culture by keeping bees in hives.

Honey production

So how do bees produce honey? The process begins in the flower when the bee collects the nectar from the flower. Most of the nectar is water and a minority are complex sugars. Bees need to store and make sugar usable, so bees alter the nectar by turning it into honey. To shop broad spectrum Organic CBD Honey you may visit The CBD Source.


To complete this task, a worker bee with a stomach full of nectar flies to the hive to regurgitate the modified nectar for a hive-bee. The hive bee then ingests the nectar to break down the sugars. Once the hive-bee has completed that task, it regurgitates the nectar into a honeycomb cell. 

Health benefits of CBD honey

It is nature's energy booster due to its carbohydrates; These carbohydrates provide energy as well as strength. Athletes, in particular, benefit from honey because of its ability to create endurance and decrease fatigue. The glucose found in honey also plays a role, as it is rapidly absorbed by the body to provide immediate energy.

On the other hand, fructose in honey is absorbed at a slower rate to provide sustained energy. CBD Honey helps fight respiratory problems and has increased the quality of life in cancer patients.