Different railings are used for protection, safety, and beautification of internal areas in homes, offices, and other commercial establishments. Various combinations of iron, stainless steel, wood, glass, acrylic are used to give the functionality along with the necessary style.

Railings could also be made of iron or stainless steel. If made of iron, they are generally powder coated or galvanized. Stainless steel railings are usually highly polished and do not need powder coating.   To know more about balcony which is also known as balkong in the Norwegian language visit http://balkongbygg.no/inn.

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The most common types of railings are the ones by the side of the staircase wall, which are useful for gripping by hand while climbing up or down the stairs. These could be made of timber, supported by metal brackets. Timber is comfortable to use since, in winter, it does not feel cold to touch.

Balustrade railings are another application on the interior of buildings that have been now modernized with the use of alternate materials. Traditional iron railings are now being replaced by more modern stainless steel railings that not only look more modern but are also long-lasting.

Toughened clear glass panels are used mounted on clips welded to uprights. All fixing into the concrete is done with a chemical anchor. Steel top railings are fixed onto the glass panels by nut and bolts through holes drilled into the glass. The railing can be made in various diameters, oval and square.