Finding a solution to infertility depends on your circumstances. You and your spouse may have to undergo a series of tests to determine the reason for infertility. If there is a problem with you or your partner, your doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment for your condition.

1. Surrogacy

A surrogate is the woman carrying a pregnancy for you. There are two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate's own egg is fertilized with your partner's sperm. You can find icsi fertility treatment at

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The baby is genetically linked to the surrogate and your partner. The baby is not genetically linked to the surrogate.

2. Third Party Reproduction

If all the treatments do not work for you, what other options do you have for you to have a baby? Some alternative infertility solution for infertile couples is a third party reproduction involving the use of sperm, eggs or embryos donated by third parties. You must consider all the factors of emotional, social, financial and physical before going for this alternative.

3. Adoption

This is another alternative if you have tried all of infertility treatment without success. You should think carefully before taking this option. Many childless couples have chosen to adopt a baby from foreign countries.

One of these infertility solution may be for you. Going through the procedure can provide a lot of emotional and physical pain. Learn more about each of these solutions and think carefully before you make your decision.