Slate: This natural stone is also a good choice for countertops. However, it is not scratch resistant, but its main feature is that it is stains free, bacteria-free, heat and burn resistance. Moreover, it is not necessary to use the synthetic sealer to protect the surface.

It comes in colors ranging from various shades of gray, red, green, blue and even purple, so you are sure to find just the look you want for your home. If you are searching for essential stone countertops then you can visit various online sources.

Soapstone: Soapstone has the same pros and cons as slate. It is made of talc, chlorite, dolomite, and magnetite. It is considered by some to have warmer, more inviting, shades of granite or marble. Soapstones will not burn or stain, and bacteria resistant.

During the installation process, soapstone is easy to cut and shape, and joints countertops' easy to hide. Disadvantages soapstone including the frequent application of mineral oil to retain its patina; it is easily peeled, and it comes in small slabs of granite, so there are more joints required.

Whatever your choice in flooring or countertops, be sure to talk to a professional as part of your decision-making process. They will be happy to help you choose what will work best for your space.