Background screening is a simple method to qualify for the examination of likely candidates before their final selection for post-employment or executive positions.

It is similar to a background check performed by legal authorities while making a legal document, but in this scenario, only some of the calls made to recruiters past candidates to identify the authenticity of their claims. You can also get more information about the background screening at

The main purpose of this screening is to punish if the worker/candidate actually claims to the truth with respect to their formal education, work experience and other aspects of personalities like madness.

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Who does this screening?

Generally, this test starts with the supervision of the details of the legal record and cross-verification of these details through a trusted source. This was done primarily to eliminate corporate information theft, espionage and eliminate backlashes of candidates is not feasible.

This testing is done by government departments and private companies alike, but the way the test is slightly different. A government background check can even involve the police verification of home and bank accounts.

In the corporate scenario, this check is limited to the supervision of educational qualifications, past experience, and future prospects. Sometimes, family and economic information details may also be checked to verify the credibility of a person's social status.