Indian cuisine is one of the most popular types of food in the UK, there are thousands of curry houses in London alone.

We love Indian food so much so that we even have a national curry week, which usually runs at the end of November. Click to read more information about Indian restaurant menu services and best restaurants and bars.

The Delights of Indian Cuisine

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India is a large country and a lot of its culinary history was affected by other nations and cultures. The Persians introduced many different rich nuts and ingredients as did the Chinese.

You'll also discover that Thai and international food is greatly influenced by Indian cuisine, and this has led them to make their very own delicious curries.

In reality, it's possible to trace it back some 400 decades, when the East India company supposedly attracted various dishes and ingredients into our beaches in the 1600s.

You'll realize that Indian cuisine differs from region to region together with the north being renowned for bread dishes like Roti and Paratha.

Whereas, if you journey east you will realize that sweet dishes like Rasagolla, which can be a savory cheese ball dipped in syrup is extremely common.

You will most likely not find those dishes in the regional Indian restaurant. This is because more than Indian foods were adapted to our preferences and that's the reason you find dishes such as Korma and Vindaloo on many Indian takeaway menus.

As more individuals from India immigrated into the UK our ethnic diversity enlarged as did our desire for Indian food and the range of dishes available.

Our love of Indian food is much more powerful than ever and our culture has adopted this wonderful cuisine more than any other.

It’s rich flavor and application of exotic spices is now a very favorite choice for families and couples all around the nation.