A bathroom is an important room in the house as it is a room for personal hygiene. A shower room contains just a shower stall without a bathtub. A bathroom that contains both a shower and toilet usually have a shower screen to prevent the entire bathroom floor from being wet and slippery.

Semi-framed fences offer a shower screen for the bathroom that helps to separate the bathing area and toilet area. Bathing is a common activity in the bathroom that causes lots of water splashing around the bathing area. To avoid water from swashing all around your bathroom, you can install shower screens. You can read more  here to get information about the shower screen.

This tempered glass is toughened either by a heat treatment technique known as thermal tempering or with a chemical toughening technique. Tempered glass is also a type of safety glass that does not break easily. 

Fully framed fences provide a wide variety of finishes for their shower screens. The glass shower screen system comes in mainly two different types, either semi-framed, fully framed. The fully framed shower screen is a simplistic design with a swing door that opens outwards or inwards depending on the bathroom layout.

The semi-framed shower screen is much more suitable and preferred, especially for small bathrooms with limited space.  Both of these semi and fully-shower screens make the bathroom looks stylish and elegant.