There are some cases when one doesn't leave any will after his life and the government has special laws to handle such cases. But as the trend is changing, with second and third marriages and their half children, it has become difficult to decide the division of estate based on this law. 

So a professional probate attorney can be of real help for you in writing your will and it is always recommended to reach out to top rated estate planning & probate law firms in Arizona to write your will.

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The probate attorney in Arizona represents domestic partners and spouses in divorce and dissolution matters concerning the distribution of community property and separate property. This means that both parties are entitled to a 50% share of the property obtained during the marriage. 

Even though rationally, people know that once we pass away there's nothing that we can do for our loved ones who are still alive. It does ease our minds, knowing that should anything happen, they will be taken care of. This is one of the main reasons why the role of a probate attorney is so vital. Your probate attorney in Arizona will ensure that nothing is left to chance in the event of disability or death.