Much has been written about the current and future economic possibilities around the world, especially after the recent events regarding the financial crisis originated in but not limited to the United States.

There are a large number of facts and figures everywhere you look and it can all be very confusing. Appearance lets look at a simple common sense approach of what the impact on recruiting for the Retail market.  To learn more information about retail executive you may check here

Economic and Recruitment in Retail

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Here are some simple facts

When confidence in the economy is high – there are many jobs advertised as companies are more willing to take on projects, expansion, etc.

During this time confident job seekers will be much more active and more willing to take the risks associated with the career / new role with the new company.

Job seekers will be less active in finding a new job was that "the devil they know better / safer than the devil they do not". This is especially true of the retail industry which traditionally is the first and hardest hit sector of the economy.

During the period when the economy is the poor company can / will reduce the number of staff they have and do to increase the unemployment rate. For example – if we say that the unemployment rate went from 6% to 10% what does this mean?

One way would be to say that over 90% of the labor force still working so basically there is still a great shortage of candidates for companies that need to fill the position.