The dairy industry is an important part of the New Zealand economy. New Zealand dairy sector accounts for two-thirds of all exports and has an impressive global reputation. You can find saber Draft – Automated Sorting/Drafting Gate which is widely used these days to sort the farm cows properly. 

New Zealand dairy industry supply of dairy products to the whole country and is known as the 8th largest producer of milk.

New Zealand dairy industry rises from the start feasible during early European colonization. In the nineteenth century, the dairy farm has begun with the introduction of cooperative farming.

Currently dairy farmers have changed all the traditional methods just to grow their business. They implement the latest proven methods to increase their productivity. is a web link from one of the leading farmer-owned cooperative company that provides leading innovation for the dairy sector.

Farmer-owned dairy company assisted the industry's growth substantially. Six years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, agricultural exports began.

There are about 500 mills open by 1920, majority owned by the cooperative. The number of cooperatives grew rapidly and at the beginning of the 2nd World War.

Nowadays, new technologies and methods of increasing productivity grows quickly. To understand the new methods to increase milk production, you can only have a look at equipments which are available online.