If a tooth is affected or has decayed it might require to be crowned (also known as "capped." The cap will restore the original appearance and function of the teeth. The caps for dental use are very strong and have a customized fit that covers the entire tooth starting at an area of the gum.

In the past, the procedure was a minimum of two visits (sometimes three trips) for a visit to the dentist for uncomfortable alignment impressions, the temporary crown, and a wait of one to three weeks for the lab to fabricate an actual crown. To find out the best same day crowns dental surgeon in Orange Park, you can browse various online sources.

A breakthrough in digital technology is now making the possibility of same-day dental crowns. The entire process can be completed in a single time-saving visit by using a camera, milling machine, and computer in one machine. 

This breakthrough in restorative dentistry removes the necessity for aligning impressions or temporary crowns. It also eliminates the need for an outside lab to make the crown.

The procedure begins similarly to traditional crowns, namely by preparing the tooth to be used as a cap. The area first gets cleaned and then the tooth that is damaged is then drilled to rid it of decay and make it fit for the crown. This will ensure that the crown will be perfectly shaped when it is placed on the tooth that has been damaged.

Instead of making an impression on your area with the putty-like substance (the method used for traditional crowns), Your teeth are lightly sprayed with a reflective powder. After that, a wand equipped with built-in cameras which are connected to the computer captures pictures of the location.