As the summer holidays approach the major thing that's on the mind of a child is, "What's next? What will I do this summer?" This thought has to be catered to, by considering that each child is unique and a different individual than the other one. So the most important thing to know is what interests a particular child. It could be art, games, traveling, etc.

There are numerous activities from which one can pick and choose depending upon their age and interests some of them are as follows:

Summer Sports:

You should introduce this concept where a child is required to explore a new sport and then learn it. This idea of sports summer camps for kids is inexhaustible and continuously enjoyable.

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This is seen to make children realize the importance of trees and other flora, giving them a personal introduction to the beauty in nature while making them appreciate the environment.


Hike to someplace with your kid and camp there, along with this you can teach them how to click photographs or ask them to voice record every sound around the campsite. This is good training for your child's observation and travel skills.


A child could make a craft each day that could help them to explore their creative sight. Craft and art books and guides are available at most stationary stores and on the internet.